Jesus Is The One Who Writes Our Story.

Our Story.

Simply Jesus…this is so much more than a “tag line” because this literally defines who we are and why we exist.

Redemption Calvary began in January 2014, as Jesus gave us (Pastor Cody and Myca) the desire to see a church planted. He gave the direction and provision for the church to be planted, and He gave the opportunities for the church to go from concept to reality. We set out with a desire to see Jesus change people’s lives through His great ability. Our hope has been, from the very beginning, to see Jesus plant a church…not that we would make this happen. It might seem like simple semantics to some, but the distinction is extremely significant.

Jesus is the initiator, leader and head of Redemption Calvary. Our efforts, plans and actions are submitted to His direction and Lordship. We look to see Him move in miraculous ways, and seek to be aware of His invitation for us to join Him in His work. As Jesus impacts the lives of individuals through His Word and the work of the Holy Spirit, we experience true life change. His gospel is good news, and this good news is transformative.

It’s all about Jesus…the way we start, the way we plan, the way we move forward and the way we hope to finish the race He has given us. Our greatest objective is to be found by Him as faithful, because we belong to Him. Redemption Calvary – Simply Jesus.


When Jesus wants to do a new work, He begins by calling a man and giving him a message. In Isaiah 6:8-10 Isaiah himself is called by God and given a message to deliver to God’s people. God continues to call specific men to a specific responsibility and this has been our story in seeing Redemption Calvary planted.

We are Cody and Myca King, and we have been married since 2002. The Lord has blessed us with 4 incredible daughters Hailey, Leah, Ainslee and Breelyn. Our family is passionate about serving Jesus together, and we view ministry as something our family is called to, not just Cody. Jesus has given so much for us…what can we do but serve Him?

Our church planting journey began when we helped plant Reliance Church in Temecula, California in the spring of 2007. As one of the founding pastors, I helped shape a culture of serving Jesus in intentionally planting churches as one of our top desires and goals. I wholeheartedly believed that my role would be training, equipping and sending others…little did I know that Jesus would one day call me to plant and lead another church. It was not until November 2011, that Jesus put His desire in us for our family to venture out to start a new church. It was like a switch was flipped in my soul and no matter how hard I tried…I couldn’t turn it off. Myca and I both sought the Lord separately (not knowing the other was doing the same) in prayer over where He would call us to go. We both spent the exact same 2 weeks prayerfully burdened for Colorado. We previously had no tie nor reason to ever think of Colorado…in fact, we had never discussed that state before. This was much more than a simple “coincidence” and as we look back, this is where Jesus began to move us toward bringing our family to Denver.

King FamilyThis began a 2 year journey of seeking the Lord for His will, His direction, His provision and His timing. We thought, that because God had spoken so clearly to us that it was our duty to act in faithfulness and immediate obedience to this calling…so within 2 months time I found myself in Denver looking for a job. Jesus brought a family into our lives who graciously opened their home to me, allowing me to stay with them as long as I needed. This family was living in the Reunion area of Commerce City, which is what Jesus ultimately used to bring us to this part of the Metro Denver area. Though I tried with all of my best efforts, I could not find a job and I returned to Temecula feeling discouraged, defeated and wondering if I had even heard Jesus at all. Those 2 years were difficult to say the least…but then…

One day my pastor asked me how I was doing. My answer always seemed to be the same, “I feel close to Jesus in many ways, but I also feel somewhat disconnected from Him. It is as if I’m not sensing His direction or leading in my life.” He followed that with another question that provoked my spirit and revived this idea of church planting again. He asked “What if Jesus has already told you what to do, and you just have not done it yet?” This question was directed toward the timing of everything…what if I had heard the Lord correctly, but I just had the timing wrong? With much fear and reluctancy, Myca and I began to pray about church planting again. We took a 10 day trip to Denver in September 2013, to pray and seek the Lord for His will. Through that trip we became absolutely convinced that He was calling us to go, and that now was the time! Among other things, He directed our path through a Wednesday night church service. Though the room was filled with hundreds of people, it was as if we were the only ones in the room. God had a message for us, and He spoke loud and clear.

When we returned to Temecula, we asked our home Bible study to pray for us…and that one of our big prayer requests was for the provision of a job. One gentleman who attended the study pulled me aside after the study and said that he was confident that he could get me a job. He spent the next month training me at his own expense for a new trade. He then called a similar company in the Metro Denver area to set up a phone interview. One of my greatest needs had been met, I had a job waiting for me before we even moved. Another gentleman used his frequent flier miles to send Myca and me to Denver to look for a home for our family. We had a home ready and a job waiting a full 2 weeks before we moved! What a drastic difference from my first attempt at this idea 2 years before!

As we prepared to go, Jesus provided our every need before we could even ask Him for it. Our church provided 3 months of salary for me as a transition period, which strategically allowed me to gain all of the necessary training and be able to move, and they also gave us money to help with our moving expenses. Another couple in the church helped us by gifting us with our moving truck expense. Another couple felt compelled to help us by giving a financial gift, which we were able to use for the gas to drive the truck. Another couple used hotel points to give us a room so we could stay the night on the way out to Denver. Three men took time out of their schedules to make the trip with us to Denver and help us move our things. They helped drive the moving truck and move us into our new home. God provided in so many other ways, leading and guiding us along this path. His provision and leading has been miraculous and confirming.

We arrived in Reunion, January 2nd 2014, and soon opened our home for a Bible study. We began inviting people as the Lord provided opportunities. His miraculous hand has provided in every way as He has planted Redemption Calvary. Today we continue to seek to serve Jesus with every opportunity He gives, living our lives for the advancing of His Kingdom.