What should I expect when I come?

Jesus loves people. One of the things that He said is that would not reject anyone who came to Him. As people who belong to Jesus, we make it our aim to represent Him well. Walking through the doors, you will experience welcoming and helpful people ready to serve you and your family.

How long is the service?

We respect and value your time, and therefore we make it our commitment to begin and end on time. Our services are 1 hour 30 minutes long. Worshiping Jesus is our aim on Sunday mornings, and everything we do falls under this overarching theme. The way we sing, study, and serve is all about worshiping Him.

What happens during the service?

We always begin our services with music, and we view this time as absolutely necessary and valuable. Meeting with God is not something to be done lightly nor flippantly, singing to Him reminds us of who we are having an audience with and prepares our hearts and minds to meet with Him. The majority of our time will be spent in reading and studying the Bible through preaching and teaching. Our services conclude with a time of response. We respond by reflecting upon how God has spoken to us and resolving to not just hear but also act, singing to Him, giving to Him, and taking communion together.

There are always pastors available to pray with you and answer questions you may have.

How should I dress?

You should dress the way that you feel comfortable. We do not have a dress code, nor a religious expectation for you to meet. Come as you are, and lets worship Jesus together.

What about my kids?

In our Children’s Ministry the kids are lovingly served on their level. Being much more than “child care”, we have a time of worshiping Jesus through singing and study with the kids in a fun and creative way. Our Children’s Ministry is available from newborn through 5th grade.

How will Redemption Calvary impact my life?

Redemption exists to know, love and serve Jesus…and we want to serve you and your family to grow in your relationship with Him.

The greatest need you have is to know Jesus and to become like Him. This is anything but natural…in fact it is completely supernatural. We serve you in helping you to recognize Jesus as God and your need to worship Him as God. Jesus must be exalted to where He belongs in your life, as Savior, King and Lord. This will supernaturally cause your natural way of living to decrease while simultaneously increasing the life and influence of Jesus within you.

Redemption Calvary exists to connect with Jesus; to connect with the people of Jesus; to grow in Jesus; to serve like Jesus; and to send like Jesus. Redemption is simply Jesus.